TTK was founded in 2013. Our objective: to develop, market and support software products for UK rail ticketing. Our core products comprise:

An accredited Mobile Ticket Issuing System (mTIS) built on the Android platform. TTK is leading the way in issuing tickets in the new generation Paper Roll Barcoded Ticket format. The system quotes and issues all tickets with or without a network connection.

A Ticket Validation System, supported on both Android and iOS platforms. The system is connected to a pooled database (known as the ‘interoperable network’) of ticket information, providing up-to-the-minute information on whether presented tickets are valid for travel.

A ticket database (known as eTVD), compliant with the RSP interoperable standards, and in active real-time communication with all other participating databases in the interoperable network.

Since its inception in 2013, TTK has rapidly developed and deployed its core software products, establishing relationships with a number of significant customers in the rail industry, including Trainline, Avanti West Coast, LNER and Go-Ahead.

TTK brings together a team of 4 directors with considerable industry experience. It is entirely funded and owned by the directors of the company.